Typical Camp Day

There’s no such thing as a typical camp day…

the only part of camp that is typical is








The Camp Day

BLU_1626If you’re coming to camp by bus, your camp day begins with a camp counselor greeting you with a big smile when your bus arrives at your stop. Games and songs and friendly chatter are part of the bus ride to camp. Campers begin to arrive at 9:30 am by car or bus. When you arrive, you will be greeted by camp counselors from your group and they will accompany you  to the area where camper friends and counselors are waiting.

Then it’s off to Round-Up where all the campers gather together to start the day with songs, cheers, and laughter. Two activity periods follow, with activities that the campers have chosen earlier in the day. These activities can include the many that camp offers including arts and crafts, drama, yoga, sports of all sorts, mini golf, playground, treehouse, dance and music.

Lunch takes place with the entire camp gathering together and enjoying the individual lunches they have brought with them. Lunch at Sunrise is a spirited, fun experience, with campers and counselors enjoying cheers and songs, which are integral part of the camp atmosphere. Then it’s off to swim in the middle of the day, with the campers receiving instructional swim as well as having recreational swim time.

Two more activity periods follow swim, again with activities selected by the campers. A cool summer snack follows before the entire camp gathers at the Round- Up area and our enthusiastic campers enjoy recounting their day’s fun, singing with their friends and looking forward to the camp days ahead. The camp day ends at 3:45 pm as our campers board their buses and cars to return home.


Sample Camp Calendar (watch for 2018 calendars)