Year-Round Programs

Sunrise Sunday Reunions

Just because the summer camp season ends, it’s not the end of Sunrise fun! Sunrise Day Camp continues throughout the year during our reunions! Campers, ages 3 ½ – 16, get together with their camp friends, as well as their favorite summer counselors, for exciting mid-year reunions! These “camp” like programs include sports, crafts, special guests, delicious snacks, and more! The perfect way to spend a Sunday!

Children who were enrolled at Sunrise Day Camp during the summer are eligible for our get-togethers. Children who are interested in joining our camp family, who were not campers the previous summer, are always welcome to join the camp family during the year; however registration and medical forms are required prior to the event date.

Prior to each reunion, an event flyer and a permission slip is sent to all eligible camp families. As always, written signed permission for attendance is required. Campers new to Sunrise Day Camp can contact Robin Rosenberg at or 914.343.5405 to find out how to register for Sunrise prior to signing up for Sunrise Sundays.

We love staying connected and reuniting with all of our camp families!
























For more information, contact Robin Rosenberg at 914-343-5405 or